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Blanket and Sleep Mask Set**

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Size Chart:

  • Queen Size

  • 90x90in
  • King Size

  • 102x90in
Thread Color: Blue
Size: Queen
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Revolutionary Graphene Fiber

HILU is made of Graphene fiber with Adaptex Technology to help regulate your body temperature to give you the perfect temperature for the perfect night sleep.


Perfect Body Temperature

Feeling cold? Feeling hot? HILU’s Adaptex Technology will help regulate your body temperature to help you sleep like a baby!


Stay Confident & Clean

HILU uses Graphene’s natural antibacterial properties to keep you feeling clean and germ-free.


Soft & Durable

Made of high quality Graphene fiber to give you the softness and durability for years to come.

The Science Behind Our Graphene Fabric

The development of the Adaptex Technology was made proprietarily for HILU utilizing the unmatched natural thermoregulating properties of Graphene that blends to you body temperature to keep you comfy throughout the night.

Our Certifications

All Hilu products meet the absolute highest standard of fabric by OEKO-TEX and IGCC (International Graphene Product Certification Center)

Try us risk-free for 30 nights and feel a difference or your money back

4.7/5 Loved by 5,000+ customers

Comfort with Hilu’s Thermal Regulation Power

After two years of development, we discovered a winning combination: graphene fiber, utilized through a process called 'Wet Spinning' (similar to Kevlar vest production), combined with our Adaptex Technology. This resulted in a durable, soft fabric with innate thermoregulating properties.

Feel the Comfort of Graphene

Unrivaled, Superior, Dominant Product.

What makes HILU blanket Special?

perfect temperature
Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
Super durable
reduce humidity & night sweat
Thermal- regulating
Pure graphene



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Loved by 5,000+ customers

Over 10,000+ blankets delivered.

( What our customers are saying... )

Sarah C.

Love my Hilu blanket! The first touch on this blanket is so amazing and it’s so soft. The best blanket I’ve bought! 100% recommend to anyone

Enrique R.

This blanket is so amazing! I was skeptical when I first made the purchase. But now, I know why it was so hyped! Worth the investment. Highly recommend!

Amber S.

Just received my blanket and they are so soft and comfortable. The temperature regulation on this blanket really amazes me. No more sweating sleep for me. I love them so much!!

Eileen M.

I sleep hot so when I got this Hilu blanket, I’m so so satisfied with this purchase. No more toss and turn for me and I can finally share a blanket with my hubby! Trust me, totally worth it!!

Rosio S.

This blanket quite amazes me in so many ways!!! It’s so soft to the touch. My dog loves it so much!! The temperature regulation is literally unmatched. I bought a few other blankets on Amazon, but this Hilu blanket is hands down!! Just purchased another one for my parents for their Anniversary!


I’ve been using this blanket for over a month now and I have to say totally worth the investment. I typically do not put reviews but I cannot skip on this good blanket. Shout out to this team. Amazing customer service and my sleep has been sooo good!!

Kirsten A.

My sister recommended this blanket to me and OMG, thank God I found something that can regulate my weird body temp. Even my kids love it haha! I wish they made smaller size soon so I can purchase a couple more for my children! 100% highly recommend!


Anyone with temperature problem needs to get yours hand on this blanket asap! I also got their mask as well! First look, it’s high quality products, both mask and blanket. I love it so much. Just wish they have more color options! But, either way, Hilu blanket fits well with my room :)

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